SpaceShipped (Tutorial and Playthrough Video)

SpaceShipped is an 18-card space-trading game published by Button Shy Games, and designed by Lucas Gentry (that’s me!) It can be purchased at:… SpaceShipped — A solo space trading game of buying and selling resources, upgrading your ship, crew, and equipment, dealing with pirates, and making deals. A card game with over 30 random […]

Hive Pocket (Tutorial and Playthrough Video)

Hive Pocket is a game I always describe as playing Chess with a bag of bugs. It’s a great 2-player strategic game that you can play anywhere — even outside in the dirt — and it will be just fine, because it’s made of hard tiles and no cardboard. Here’s a playthrough video I made […]

Card Capture (Tutorial Video for Free Print and Play Game)

Card Capture is a Solitaire Deck Builder card game using nothing but a single standard deck of playing cards. Here is the BGG Link to the files, if you’d like to download it for free: Also in the BGG files section is a French translation, and a couple other rethemes that people have made. […]