Games I would keep, if I could only keep 10 (then 9, then 8, etc.)

If you could only have 10 board games for the rest of your life, and you didn’t have a bunch of friends or family nearby with collections of their own, which 10 board games would you keep? Here is my answer to this question. Here are some things about me that might give insight for if this list might be relevant to your taste as well:

My Gaming Style

– I am a “Carebear”, as Rahdo would say. I like strategy, but I don’t like a lot of “Take That” in my games. If I play a two player game, I want it to be about who can work the system better, not who is best at keeping the other player from winning.

– I love card games. Until about 5 years ago, that meant primarily games with a traditional deck of playing cards, but now, obviously, includes a lot of hobby games.

– I haven’t played a lot of “Heavy” games. Those that I have, I’ve probably only played them once, because I don’t own them, so they won’t end up on my list.

– I love games with Solo options. It’s not a deal-breaker if a game doesn’t have this, but if I have the choice between two games that both sound good, and only one has a solo option, I’ll choose that one. Rules of the List

– I’m permitted three standard decks of playing cards as well as these games. The goal is primarily to decide on the 10 hobby-style games, so I’m not requiring myself to give up Spades, Euchre, or Contract Rummy in order to keep the others.

– I’m permitted expansions, but only those that could reasonably fit in the base game box, without making the lid not sit flat.

Here’s the video where I tell what games are on the list!

Games List (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Runners Up:

Underwater Cities

Descent 2nd Edition


Top 10

List Say Anything


7 Wonders

Tiny Epic Galaxies

Race for the Galaxy

Star Realms: Frontiers

Terraforming Mars

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles